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Uncategorized Mar 26, 2020

Hello, my name is Kelton Todd and I’m an investor specializing in real estate. Welcome to my new blog; I’ll be posting here regularly to share updates, insights, and specialized knowledge about investing, real estate, business, and professional growth.

Everything that I talk about and teach comes directly from my own experience; I’ve climbed the ladder, struck the deals, and built my own success, and I want to show you how to do all those things for yourself. Taking control of your future isn’t easy; it requires more than just the specialized knowledge to separate you from the pack. It requires passion, dedication, hard work, and a network around you.

Your network is your net worth, and, as with everything I do, I lead by example. Since my first day in this business, I’ve built relationships and partnerships with some of the biggest, most successful names in the industry. The power of the network that I’ve built gave me the leverage to turn my knowledge and dedication into lucrative returns for ourselves and our investors, and I want the same for you.

I’m passionate about sharing everything that’s made me successful with anyone who wants more from their lives — those who are interested in taking their financial future into their own hands, who aren’t willing to settle for the average or the mundane. I believe that everyone I meet is just one conversation or idea away from their next big break, and I pride myself on being the bearer of those things for many of those around me.

When I’m not focused on my investing, my continuing education, or my personal growth, I divide my time between my family — which includes my mother and brothers, all of whom work with me in our business —golfing, and traveling the world.

Be sure to follow this blog for all of the upcoming posts, filled with insights, experiences, and opportunities for you to take the next step in achieving your financial goals.

As Always,
Dream Big.

Kelton Todd


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